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“Entrepreneurs are driven by their vision of the future”
Mark founded Garuda Robotics after realizing the potential of the industrial application of drones beyond entertainment and leisure. He never viewed them as an object of interest, but rather as a useful device to help with infrastructure, agriculture and security.
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Entrepreneurship Takes Flight: Garuda Robotics
From employing UAVs to optimize farming processes to inventing a comprehensive drone-based system for safe and accurate tower inspections, Garuda Robotics is bringing on a new era.
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Taking Drone Services To The Skies
Podcast interview on how drones are deployed to scope telecommunications towers with unprecedented accuracy and study the health of trees in a plantation with heat signatures.
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Drones, Privacy and Regulations
Usually in the four Ds: dull, demeaning, dangerous and dirty. That’s where the promise of robotics really comes in. You want to take people out of terrible situations and have robots do the things.
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Press Releases

Introducing Garuda Plex Free Tier

Introducing Garuda Plex Free Tier We are kicking off 2018 by launching the Garuda Plex Free Tier for all drone operators and users. The new Free tier will have access to all features of Garuda Plex, with a limit of 500MB of cloud storage (Lite and Pro come with 10GB...

Past Media Coverage

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