Effort Recognised – The Partner of Labour Movement

Nominated by the Employment and Employability Institute (e2i), Garuda Robotics has been conferred the “Partner of Labour Movement” award by National Trade Union Congress (NTUC) during the May Day Awards 2018 held on 5 May 2018.

Together with 140 other award recipients, we are pleased to be recognised as the top individuals and organisations for their outstanding contributions in making a difference to the lives of working people in Singapore, in a grant ceremony hosted by the NTUC President Mary Liew and NTUC Secretary-General Chan Chun Sing.

Besides teaching trainees how to operate a drone and the right conditions to do so, the week-long course also emphasises professional standards, particularly in the areas of risk assessment, safety and compliance with prevailing regulations applicable to drone flights.”

NTUC This Week, Issue 102/12/2016

Cultivating Skills for the Future Economy

As a leading professional drones and unmanned aerial vehicle robotics technology developer, we has been training commercial-ready UAV pilots, commonly known as professional drone pilots under our training arm, whom subsequently devote their skillsets to various industries such as construction, land-surveying, media production, government agencies, urban planning, etc.

Drawing on our extensive operational experience in commercial drone operations, our instructors impart the theory, practical skills and mindsets necessary to succeed as a professional drone pilot through Professional Multirotor Pilot Course (P01).

Building Advanced Capabilities across Industries

Answering to the growing interests in commercial drone industry, we have then developed two additional courses under “Industrial Operator Training Series” to offer specialised curriculums for corporations who are looking to develop complete in-house capabilities with commercial drone technologies. The two courses are:

1. Drone Mapping for Agriculture Course (Code: S01)
2. Industrial Drone Inspection Course (Code: S02)

Both courses aim to equip trainees with in-depth knowledges and practical skillsets with commercial-grade drones, undergoing the entire process of industry workflow (e.g. drone data capture, data process, data analysis and data reporting) under supervision by experienced professionals.

For more information on how you can be a part of future economy with unmanned aerial robotics technology, feel free to visit Garuda Robotics Academy for more details.

Garuda Robotics featured on NTUC May Day Awards 2018 Magazine

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