Garuda Robotics and OneSky to showcase Uncrewed Aircraft Traffic Management (UTM) services collaboration efforts at the Drone & Robotics Zone (DRZ) Iskandar Drone Test Site (DTS) in Iskandar Puteri.

Garuda Robotics (GR), in an exclusive partnership with OneSky, aims to provide Unmanned Aircraft Traffic Management (UTM) services to aviation authorities, city governments, enterprises and security agencies in Malaysia. Garuda Robotics’ operations at Drone & Robotics Zone (DRZ) Iskandar Drone Test Site (DTS) in Iskandar Puteri aims to be a showcase for the value this collaboration can unlock for Malaysia.

The DRZ Iskandar DTS, comprising two separate parcels of land dedicated to drone operations, will be available for all users for conducting training; UA R&D and testing; and validating advanced operations.

All DRZ Iskandar DTS airspace operations will be coordinated at GR’s on-site Drone Operations Centre in Iskandar Puteri ([email protected]).

Left to Right: Bob Hammett, CEO, OneSky; Pelwinderpal Singh, Manager, ASEAN, OneSky;
Wei Cong Lim, Software Engineer, Garuda Robotics; Jiin Joo Ong, CTO, Garuda Robotics, Mark Yong, CEO, Garuda Robotics.

The [email protected] is equipped with the latest technologies and physical infrastructure, including:

  • Plex Horizon, for Command and Control (C2) of Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) operations
  • OneSky Unmanned Aircraft Traffic Management System (UTMS), for tactical deconfliction and conformance monitoring
  • MyDroneFleets Network Remote ID (NetRID), for drone-agnostic airspace management
  • Operational support such as Coworking space, workshop, charging station, storage, etc.

Consultancy and services for all site users will be provided by Garuda Robotics, with the primary goal of empowering Malaysian enterprises to effectively scale their drone operations. These services include:

  • Assistance with permit applications and government liaison
  • Logistics (through our partnership with DHL)
  • Fleet management
  • Systems consultancy
  • Human capital and talent development
  • Liaison with international partners

The list of services can be found on

Managing Director of Garuda Robotics (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, Mr. Frederick Ooi, says: “The DRZ Iskandar DTS will be an ideal govt-approved segregated airspace to facilitate verification of the safety of UAS operations and related flight procedures, support govt authorities like CAAM, SIRIM, and MCMC during the development of certification standards, provide tech companies a proper space to conduct R&D of new drone solutions and drone flight training, and will be the go-to place for drone flying in southern Johor.”

For companies evaluating the site usage for BVLOS test, OneSky will provide risk assessments that are SORA and/or ASTM compliant as well as UTM services. In risk assessment, risk likelihood is determined using results from OneSky’s operational analytics. OneSky will be providing UTM services including:

  • Registration
  • UTM Core Services
  • Airspace Management
  • Flight Management
  • Situational Awareness
  • UTM Aeronautical Information Management

CEO of OneSky, Robert Hammett, remarked “We are excited to work with our partner Garuda Robotics at DRZ Iskandar DTS to provide the ASEAN drone industry with robust testing facilities to prove out technology that accelerates drone operations. This effort builds on our partnership with Garuda Robotics as we jointly deliver end-to-end solutions for the drone industry. We look forward to working with the DRZ Iskandar and its customers to further their efforts in expediting drone adoption.”

DRZ Iskandar is a catalytic initiative championed by Iskandar Investment Berhad (IIB). It is a strategic project aimed at building a vibrant drone and robotics technology ecosystem, increasing the 4IR technology adoption and a talent hub which serves as a growth engine for Malaysia.  

[email protected] is set to supercharge the DRZ Iskandar, benefiting both domestic Malaysian drone companies, and also Singapore drone companies due to its proximity to Singapore. Many activities considered too high-risk to be carried out in densely populated areas in Singapore can now be safely tested in the dedicated sites under DRZ Iskandar DTS, with facilities provided by GR and Group of Companies under IIB.

A UTM system is important to manage drone operations effectively and safely in a drone test site. With the partnership of GR and OneSky’s UTM, this may be deployed at DRZ Iskandar’s DTS to serve the drone industry and provide essential data to the regulators which may be the first of its kind in Malaysia.

About OneSky

OneSky is a global UTM company developing airspace assessment, operations, and traffic management solutions for the aviation industry. Our goal is to harmonize the sky – ensuring safe, efficient, and scalable access to all airspace users. We take a robust and long-term approach to UTM, envisioning the challenges ahead as traffic management is unified for all operators. By working with all stakeholders – drone operators, drone manufacturers, and airspace authorities – we understand the unique challenges of this ecosystem and serve the critical needs of the community. Learn more at

About Garuda Robotics
Garuda Robotics is a leading developer of industrial-grade drones, drone operations platforms, and drone data solutions for enterprise, government, and professional drone operators. We support the local drone industry with technology, consultancy, and opportunities, from routine drone applications to advanced cutting edge innovation and collaboration, and connect the industry with key stakeholders such as airspace authorities, physical spaces for testing and learning, and the ecosystem of innovators. Our vision is to be both the physical and technological platform for safe, smart, and secure drone testing and operations. Learn more at