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Plantation 4.0

Facilities 4.0


Plex Horizon

Cerana UAS

Plantation Mapping System Facade Inspection System

Fleet Management System

Flight Management System 5G native Unmanned Aircraft
Included / Compatible Hardware All UAVs All UAVs UAV Trackers /
All UAVs
APM / PX4 based UAVs Cerana UAVs
Flight Planning
Flight Tracking / Remote ID
Flight Logging
Enterprise Workflow
Artificial Intelligence Palm Tree Facade Defect Human/Vehicle
Private Live Video Streaming
Self-Hosted Private Cloud/MEC

Plantation 4.0

Facilities 4.0


Plex Horizon

Cerana UAS

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Use our mapping & spraying service

Use our facade inspection service 

SGD 265


Integration with Garuda CoPilot

SGD 6,000

and above




SGD 858


SGD 16


SGD 140


Use our flight and hangaring service


Plex Pilot SOLO

Plex Pilot SOLO will always be free. Download Plex Pilot mobile app today! /

Operate your in-house Drone Academy using our / Training Management System.

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OneSky UTM

Ensure the safety and maximise the value of your airspace using OneSky UTM. Suitable for Civil Aviation Authorities operationalising UAV regulations and harmonising UAVs and manned aircrafts.