Savings for Educators

What You Get:

  • 1 year of Plex Horizon Software Subscription
  • 1 year of Plex Live Cloud Subscription for up to 10 student accounts
  • 2 x CoPilot onboard computers

Special Promotion:

Commercial Pricing

Educational Pricing

(>80% discount!)

SGD 33,800

SGD 5,990

This promotion is only valid till 31st December 2020

How Plex Horizon helps with your drone teaching

Prepare Students For Industrial Practices

Safe Navigation and Control


  • Simple and intuitive display and buttons
  • Practice with 3D simulator



Industrial Communication System


  • Plug and play, connect to cellular network
  • Wide area and guaranteed performance



Enable Student-Built Drone For Next Generation

Open Source Drone Integration


  • Allows students to outsource other aspects and focus on their core areas
  • Allows students to create interoperable technologies


Detect and Avoid Technology


  •  Let students develop advanced DAA



Unleash your students’ potential with industrial flight control system

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