Ready-to-go course materials for Educators

Two different options to meet your class needs

Option 1: Simulated BVLOS Flight Lab

Any Science or Engineering Background (e.g. 1st / 2nd year in Polytechnic / University)

1 semester of Plex Horizon Software Licenses, Garuda Plex Live Subscriptions, and a suite of pre-integrated Open Source Software (notably Gazebo and Mission Planner).

Course materials for 2-hours in class lab, suggested lesson plan, setup and installation in computer lab provided.


  • Up to 50 students (for licenses, subscription, and setup)
  • Activation Lead Time: 1 month
  • Schools to provide necessary computers in lab environment
  • Available worldwide

Option 2: Build your BVLOS Drone Project

Aerospace, Mechanical, Electrical, or Computer Engineering Student looking for final year project or equivalent.

1 year of Plex Horizon Software License (1 seat), Garuda Plex Live Subscription (1 seat), Garuda CoPilot (1 on-board unit) with stereo cam. Use of Drone Operations Center at one-north.

1 hour familiarisation training for lecturers. 1 year technical support for student. List of suggested projects provided.


  • Compatible Flight Controllers: Arducopter (preferred) or PX4
  • Activation Lead Time: 3 months
  • Available only to IHLs in Singapore and Malaysia currently
  • Flight permits not included. We will advise on the permits the school will need to apply for the students to fly.

List Price

Option 1 – Class Lab

Option 2 – Project

SGD 4,990

SGD 5,990

Tour our Drone Operations Center to see a simulated class setting

How Plex Horizon helps with your drone teaching

Prepare Students For Industrial Practices

Safe Navigation and Control


  • Simple and intuitive display and buttons
  • Practice with 3D simulator



Industrial Communication System


  • Plug and play, connect to cellular network
  • Wide area and guaranteed performance



Enable Student-Built Drone For Next Generation

Open Source Drone Integration


  • Allows students to outsource other aspects and focus on their core areas
  • Allows students to create interoperable technologies


Detect and Avoid Technology


  •  Let students develop advanced DAA



Unleash your students’ potential with industrial flight control system

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