Dear customers, partners, associates, and friends,

In line with Singapore’s extension of the Circuit Breaker till 1 June 2020, most of our service levels will remain the same, as detailed in our previous notification (Notice: Temporary Closure of Drone Operations Center and Changes in Service Levels during the escalated COVID-19 situation)

We want to take this opportunity to once again thank our customers who have been patiently waiting for work to be carried out by our team working remotely at their respective homes, battling productivity and connectivity challenge. Your continued confidence in our ability to deliver against all odds, and your fervent belief and alignment with our aspirations, inspires our team to continue to venture into the forefront of unmanned aviation, to make the impossible possible.

This is a difficult period for everyone, especially the aviation industry. Although drones plays a critical role in medical deliveries, delivering food and necessity to the isolated, and maintaining humanity’s basic infrastructure, not all drones can fly during this period of time as we have yet a unified connected urban airspace management infrastructure for unmanned operations.

This is why our Work at the FutureFlight Consortium needs to continue. We have redeployed our manpower and planned a long list of BVLOS tests to be carried out once we regain mobility. As if clockwork, we will be still be receiving our university interns virtually next week to accelerate the Work. We remain confident that the drone industry will emerge stronger in the months to come, especially in coming together to make urban air mobility a reality.

We look forward to seeing you soon in person.

Stay safe and healthy!

Thank you.

Mark and Jiin Joo
Co-founders, Garuda Robotics