Garuda Props

Ground Control App for Professional Drone Operators

Stress-Free Missions for Professional Drone Operators

Garuda Props is a Ground Control mobile app designed to meet the needs of professional drone operators.

We are professional drone operators, and we often work in challenging industrial environments. We understand that being able to set up your equipment quickly and reliably can mean the difference between capturing the data your client needs, and going away empty-handed.

Whether you’re a UAV service provider on a client deployment or part of an in-house drone pilot team, you want to focus on capturing the right data and delivering results, not messing around with your equipment.

Garuda Props flight plan

Rethink the Ground Control Station

Are you using a heavy, clunky laptop-based setup to carry out missions in the field? It’s time to lighten your load and go mobile! With a modern mobile phone or tablet device and Props, you have a portable and powerful industrial-grade Ground Control Station in your hands.

Mission Ready Flight Plan Templates

Plan mapping missions using the Survey Grid mission template. Conduct 360 degree inspections of tower structures. All these mission templates are fully supported by Garuda Props, so you can plan missions more quickly and focus on the job at hand.

Unleash the Power of APM/PX4

Props was designed with full support for the APM/PX4 ecosystem and works with leading MAVlink-compatible flight controllers such as ArduPilot, Pixhawk and more.

The APM/PX4 family of flight controllers is incredibly powerful and extensible thanks to the open-source community that keeps adding new features and improving reliability.

Seamless, End-to-End Mission Planning

Props is fully integrated with Garuda Plex, making it easy to plan and fly large, complex mapping missions with multiple flights and polygons.

4 steps for successful drone missions

  1. In Garuda Plex Planner, mark your mapping targets and obstacles.
  2. In the field, load your mission plan in Garuda Props and refine the flight paths as needed to match ground conditions.
  3. Launch and fly your drone to capture the aerial data you need.
  4. Upload your flight logs directly to Garuda Plex for automated tracking of flight hours, flight paths and equipment usage.

Continuous System Monitoring

Fly with peace of mind. Use Props to monitor your drone’s telemetry and status while carrying out precision manual flight maneuvers, or execute complex multi-waypoint multi-stage autonomous flights while monitoring mission progress.

Props continuously monitors and logs the following parameters via your drone’s radio link and the mobile device’s onboard data connection (if available):

Drone Parameters

Battery voltage and current

Battery percentage remaining

Flight controller health

Number of GPS satellites

GPS location precision (HDOP)

Mission Parameters

Mission waypoints

Current and next waypoint

Actual flight path

Time to mission completion

Environmental Parameters

No-Fly-Zones (via Garuda Plex) *

Additional airspace restrictions *

Local weather reports *

* Your device may  require an additional Wifi or cellular data connection to receive live updates

Technical Specifications

Flight Controller Compatibility

APM hardware with Copter firmware v3.3.3 and up

OS Compatibility

Android v4.1 and up