Main Features

The complete software platform for your drone operations

Planning and Operations

Smart Inventory Tracking

Always stay informed on the counts of drones, pilots and equipment

Automated Flight Logging

Allocate your time and energy to key activities with our backend support

Integrated Deployment Planner

Simplify your deployment planning with a custom-built ops calendar

Drone Agnostic

Works with all types of drones (fixed-wing, multi-rotor or VTOL) from major drone manufacturers

Sync for Offline Support

Pre-load project and deployment plans for on-site
operations with full control and visibility

No-Fly-Zone Integration

Ensure compliance to regional aviation regulations from project planning

Compatible with Other Major GCSs

Mission Planner, Litchi, DJI GS Pro and more with zero hassle

In-App Chat Channel

Real-time communication with your ops team using built-in chat channels

Post-flight Data Processing

Make Maps and 3D Models

Derive meaningful visual assets from your aerial data through Garuda Plex in-house GIS post-processing services

Measurement & Annotations

Measure exact distance and annotate for an efficient project delivery and output showcase

Publish Online or Share Privately

Host images and maps online for public showcase or share them privately with your end-users 

Supported Processing Outputs

Try now for free, pay as you grow your drone operations