Garuda Robotics M400 UAV Series

Powerful and Reliable Industrial-Grade Flight Platform

Unleash the power of modern Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for your business. The Garuda Robotics M400 UAV Series is the ideal combination of power and endurance, with the automated flight capabilities you need to get things done.


Powerful and Flexible

A carefully selected and tuned propulsion system gives you the capacity to fly with a variety of sensor modules.

Reliable and Proven

Field tested and proven over numerous flights, the M04D is an industrial-grade flight platform that just gets the job done.

Integrated Workflow

Built-in integration with Garuda Plex and Garuda Props takes the stress out of planning and running deployments.


Flight time: Up to 25 minutes

Wind resistance: 15m/s

Construction: Carbon fiber

Portability: Folding frame

Ground Control System: Garuda Props

Software integration: Garuda Plex

Base Weight: 2150g

Payload mount: Stabilised quick-release

Positioning: GPS/GLONASS

Comms: 2.4GHz / 433MHz / LTE (option)

Failsafes: Battery/comms

Control protocol: MAVlink