ME4232 Lab 1 Appendix and Addendum


Q. I didn’t receive an invite.
A. It’s possible that we missed you – kindly drop us a note at [email protected] with your name and university email and we will create it for you.

Q. I could log in to Garuda Plex but I don’t see the Lab.
A. You might have created your own company on Garuda Plex! To do this lab, you will need to use the account we create for you in the “ME4232” company.

Appendix B – Drone Simulator

For those who face problems using the simulator on the cloud, you can try using the simulator installed at Level 5 of T-Lab Building (at Dr. Spot’s office). You will need to ask Dr. Spot to log into the computer for you.

Please refer to the updated Lab Sheet for the IP address, Ports, and the specific instruction to use the onsite simulator. In particular, you might need to use your friend’s simulated drone to complete the lab.

Appendix C – Garuda Plex

1. Additional Flight Logs 1

Flight Log 1

2. Additional Flight Logs 2